These are what our customers are telling us
Here is a unique story to pass onto our great customers.  Had a
darling lady from Illinoise order 20 dresses of our style 4600.  Had
some duplicates in the mix. After receiving them she placed an
addional order for 5 more dresses.  She's totally covered for any
event in the largest collection that is unimaginable. We LUV our
two potato ladies!
Thank you so much Irma. I received the 2 dresses yesterday and they are
beautiful. I am wearing the orange one on Sun to a baby shower. It is the
only color I have never had. I dress them up with very pretty necklaces.
Sometimes jackets. I will keep ordering them.                           
Mara D.
Received my red dress today. I am so happy. I’m celebrating my 78th BD
this weekend. Just in time. Thank you for making my BD special. Love ❤️
my dress.
Diane R.

Met an elderly lady at a recent Senior Residential boutique show.     She
was surprisingly happy to see ourTwo Potato dresses. She left to her
room, and wore this 1570 dress in black that she bought in 1973. Still
looked NEW. Our fabrics are ageless
. 1969...1970...1980...1990...2000...2019..